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Budapest Bomb Attack: Authorities Hunt For Disaffected Policeman Or Political Extremist

By Ferenc Sullivan // 2016.10.12.

Hungary’s National Defensive Service suspects that a former policeman removed from the force due to disciplinary proceedings or another kind of conflict could be behind the explosion that rocked central Budapest in late September and left two police officers on patrol seriously injured.

According to the tabloid newspaper Lokál, a dozen former officers had been discharged from the police force as a result of disciplinary or criminal proceedings. Some of those concerned felt that they were removed from the body without reason and launched a labour lawsuit, resulting in major sums being paid out to them on account of compensation.

One policeman was sacked because of a comment he left on social media, while another complained of being forced to work in a position inappropriate to his qualifications and work contract and several others were discharged due to corruption, the paper reports.

Another theory, detailed in the daily newspaper Magyar Idők, suggests that the bomber may have been an extremist involved in the violent protests against the then-ruling left-wing government in 2006 or was possibly motivated by being attacked by police on duty.

In late August, a court sentenced right-wing extremist György Budaházy to 13 years’ imprisonment for his role in attacks against socialist and liberal politicians in 2007-2009 and some believe that the bomber may have acted to take revenge upon police for his sentencing.

Authorities continue to appeal to the public for information concerning the unidentified suspect, who fled the scene on foot and changed his clothes several times after setting off a bomb at the corner of Teréz körút and Király utca, central Budapest, at 22:30 p.m. on 24 September.