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‘Budapest Awaits!’ – Video of Empty Capital Promises to Welcome People Back After Coronavirus Epidemic

Fanni Kaszás 2020.04.16.

The Budapest Festival and Tourism Center (BFTK) made a beautiful new short video of Budapest, titled ‘Budapest awaits!’, with a promise that the Hungarian capital is looking forward to greeting domestic and foreign travelers on its uninhabited, empty streets and squares once again, when the state-of-emergency ends. 

Because of the curfew restrictions, the closed borders, the limited number of flights to Hungary, and the constant request for Hungarians to stay at home to help curb the spread of the virus, the otherwise crowded capital, with its most famous sights, now resemble scenes from post-apocalyptic movies.

However, the beautiful, but currently empty Budapest still provided an epic background to the short video. The usually bustling, lively venues of the Hungarian capital are now quiet, without citizens or tourists. The quiet Heroes’ Square, the otherwise busy Keleti Railway Station without the crowds of arriving tourists, or the drained pools of the famous Széchenyi Bath, all paint a sad, but hopeful picture of the Hungarian capital during the coronavirus crisis.

The stunning video, made by BFTK, captures the breathtaking, empty capital in the April sunshine. It features the dance of the contemporary choreographer Feledi, and the music of dulcimer artist Miklós Lukács fills the deserted city with dynamics, which awaits its inhabitants and visitors after the danger, and promises that after the state-of-emergency ends, its streets will once again be filled with people and joy.

featured photo: screenshot from the video