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Robert Velkey 2016.04.07.

Do you know which historic, Socialist-era railway station can be seen on this vintage picture and approximately when it was taken?



For the correct answer, scroll down to the bottom of the page – then use your mouse to “highlight” the invisible text below it to find out the answer!

It has changed a little bit… The design “stayed” the size has been grown! Today it is one of the most important railwaystations of Budapest.

Budapest, 2008. április 5. A Déli pályaudvar és környéke Budapesten. MTI Fotó: H. Szabó Sándor

You can also take a walk around, here:


The answer is: It is the Déli Railway Station in central Buda. The picture on top of the page shows the station as it was on 15th June, 1962.


photos: Nagy Zsolt Levente (facebook.com/groups/339696266160518/); MTI (H. Szabó Sándor)