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Buda-Past: Then And Now

Robert Velkey 2016.03.25.

Did you think this picture was taken in California? These are the good old times, when the passengers could just “hop on” the trams in Budapest too, similarly to the cable cars of San Francisco.


Do you know how “hop on” translates into Hungarian and what’s the explanation behind it?

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the solution – then use your mouse to “highlight” the invisible text below it to find out the answer!

Some pioneer like the revival ways of the old-school public transportation, nowadays too.


Anyway, please don’t try this if you visit Hungary, controllers and police will not appreciate revival tourism.


The answer about the Hungarian ethimology of “hop on”: It is called tujázás. It originates from the expression hátulja of the tram. Hátulja means: The back end of the tram. Tujázás is a verb-conversation but also means to plant the plant thuya… 

photo: ilyenisvoltbudapest.hu; 444.hu


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