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Buda-Past: Do You Know Which Iconic Building of Budapest Opened 107 Years Ago?

Fanni Kaszás 2017.11.10.

Do you know which iconic building just celebrated the 107th anniversary of its opening?


Located at the highest point of Budapest, it stands at 526 meters on top of the János Hill. The tower was built between 1908-1910, under the direction of architect Frigyes Schulek.

The building was named after the Austro-Hungarian Empress-Queen, the wife of Franz Joseph I, Erzsébet (Elisabeth, who was known popularly as Sissy).


The Erzsébet Lookout Tower was reconstructed several times, most recently in 2005. Under the communist regime, a giant red star was placed on top of the tower – due to the weight and disproportion of it, some of the stones in the base in the building cracked.


From the tower, you can view a beautiful panorama of the capital and if you are lucky enough you can even see the Great Hungarian Plain when the sky is clear.

The grand opening ceremony of the Erzsébet Lookout was held 107 years ago, on 9 November 1910.