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Buda-Past: Guess Which Bath Is This?

Robert Velkey 2017.01.02.

Budapest has a fairly unique quality, being among the very few large cities in the world that is rich in thermal water – so it is also called the city of spas, and has been a well-known balneological center since the 1930s. Do you know which historic bath of Budapest can be seen on this vintage pictures and approximately when it was taken?


It was established as early as the 16th century, during the time of the Turkish occupation. Its central part includes an octagonal pool covered by a 10 meter diameter dome. At the end of the 19th century, a therapeutic swimming facility and a sauna was added. The bath also has a complex physiotherapeutic section, as well as a drinking hall, offering drinking cures from three water springs: Hungária, Attila and Juventus.

The bath is located on the bank of the Danube. The bath has been renovated in the last year and now it is one of the most exclusive bath of Budapest with amazing panoramic view.

Budapest, 2014. november 18. Panorámamedence a Rudas Gyógyfürdő és Uszoda új wellnessközpontjának tetőteraszán 2014. november 17-én. MTI Fotó: Mohai Balázs

To read the answer “highlight” the invisible text below;

Answer: You can see the Rudas thermal Bath on the pictures. About the water of the Rudas: In the steam pool section the largest pool offers 96.5 square meters of water surface and 36 °C water temperature, there are four 9 square meter large pools with 28-30-33 and 42 °C water temperature, and the smallest pool is 4.5 square meters, with 16 °C water temperature. In the wellness department guests can enjoy the benefits of Juventus pool, immersion pool, rooftop pool and two hot water pools.


via: rudasbaths.com

photos: lajk.startlap.hu; magyartermekonline.hu; egeszsegturizmus.turistamagazin.hu; MTI / Balázs Mohai


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