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Buda Past: Bridges Of Budapest

Robert Velkey 2017.07.05.

Do you know what the name of this bridge is, seen in the picture below? When do you think this photograph was taken?

The construction of this bridge started in 1939, but because of World War II work paused,  and it was only finished in 1950. This bridge used to be called Stalin Bridge between 1950 and 1958. Here you can see it after its completion.

It is one of the two bridges of Budapest that links Margaret Island to both sides of the River Danube. Nowadays it looks like this:

It is the Árpád Bridge of Budapest. The vintage picture (the 1st in the article) was taken in 1963. The other vintage picture was taken in 1950 after the bridge’s inauguration.

via: ilyensisvoltbudapest.hu

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