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Buda-Past: Do You Think You Know Budapest?

By Robert Velkey // 2017.02.06.

Do you know which part of the boulevard of Budapest can be seen on this vintage picture and approximately when it was taken?

The iconic boulevard of Budapest also called to Great Boulevard, ot “Big Ring Road”. It is one of the most central and busiest parts of the Hungarian capital since it was built in 1986, Hungary’s Millennium. This boulevard connection two bridges of the Danube, Margaret Bridge on the north and Petőfi Bridge on the south. Inside the semicircle is the downtown of Budapest.


Nagykörút is actually a colloquial name of its five parts which connect to each other: Szent István körút, Teréz körút, Erzsébet körút, József körút, Margit körút and Ferenc körút; these are the names the traveller will find on the map and the buildings.

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Loading Boulevard

Nowadays, this street looks like this from the bridge: