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Buda Castle Hosts Hungarian Wine Festival This Weekend – Video!

Tamás Székely 2015.09.09.

More than 200 wineries welcome guests at the 24th Budapest Wine Festival held at the Buda Castle between 9 and 13 September. There are almost 140 grape varieties making up 22 historic wine regions in Hungary and the popular festival represents all Hungarian wine regions, and most varieties, helping the wine-lover guests to explore as many tastes and flavours as they can over the weekend. Thanks to the themed wine routes and wine brochures, those who are less confident in their knowledge of Hungarian wines can find their way around, too.


What’s the secret of Tokaji Aszú? What goes into Bikavér (bull’s blood), a special red blend produced in Eger and Szekszárd? Where does the scent of Cserszegi Fűszeres or Irsai Olivér come from? What’s the difference between a light and a full-bodied Furmint? How is rosé, a definite summer favourite, made? These are the questions that will be answered at the Budapest Wine Festival, where guests from all over the world gather to learn about Hungarian wines from the country’s best wine makers and producers.

Just like on the other big festivals, the gastronomy is getting to be in the focus of Budapest Wine Festival. This year the organisers pay more attention on the range, novelties and the fresh food made on the spot as guests can easily give in to temptation to eat excellent traditional Hungarian festival food and drink top quality wines. The daily ticket costs 3000 HUF (around €10), which includes 1 crystal tasting glass, 1 carrier bag for the tasting glass, free entry to the permanent exhibitions of Budapest History Museum and a wristband with unlimited exit and re-entry for 1 day.

source and photos: aborfesztival.hu