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Hungary Submits Budapest Conservation Report to UNESCO

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.02.11.

The government has submitted its conservation report on Budapest’s World Heritage Sites to UNESCO by the deadline, the daily Magyar Nemzet said on Tuesday, citing the Prime Minister’s Office.

UNESCO has raised concerns over planned rebuilds and construction projects in the Buda Castle that may put its place on the list of World Heritage Sites at risk.

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The report submitted to the World Heritage Committee addresses the issues it raised, arguing that no changes are needed to planned investment projects, the paper said, adding that the report contains “reassuring information and facts”. The government is confident that the committee, soon holding its 44th session, will conclude that the Buda Castle is being properly managed and conserved, the paper cited the Prime Minister’s Office as saying, adding that its management may even serve as an example to other major cities.

The PM’s Office said a report released by the committee in Baku last year did not contain criticism but instead made recommendations and requests in connection with property developments on the Danube embankment and the City Park.

Featured photo illustration via pixabay.com