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Brutal Running in Budapest

admin 2014.08.26.

Budapest is to host the first Hungarian nationwide brutal running, a competition where participants face-off on physically demanding terrain. The competition will take place in Budapest’s Ferenc Puskás Stadium on Saturday, events start from 10:00 as the race is sponsored by and titled “Butger King Burtal Run Budapest 1.0.”

At a Tuesday press event Árpád Kocsis, organizer of the competition said, the first brutal running was held in Nyáregyháza two years ago and enjoyed immense success. The 4.2 km race includes running in mud and defeating several types of obstacles is getting more and more popular. There are already 1500 participants for the Saturday competition.

At the first Budapest Brutal Running there will be 11 seperate races, as organizers like to call the Brutal Running a mass sporting event, rather than an actual sporting competition. János Makkay, representing the main sponsor of the event, said their company values living a healthy lifestyle.

via MTI, photos from futanet.hu