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Brutal Animal Cruelty Cases Shock Hungary

Péter Cseresnyés 2019.08.07.

A 68-year-old woman living in Balotaszállás was dragging a large dog tied to a car on the road, Kiskunhalas Police Department received a report on Monday. The animal was tied to the rear bumper of the vehicle with baling twine, as the woman was driving off, police said on its website.

At first, the animal was running after the car, but after a short while, it could not keep up with the vehicle anymore and fell to the ground. But the woman did not stop and kept on dragging the dog down the road, according to the police.

The inhumane act was witnessed by a passerby who tried to intervene. The man even made a video of the elderly woman standing next to her dying animal. The dog was already half dead lying in the dust, gasping for air, while blood was spilling from its paws, Brigitta Bíró from the Paw in Hand Dog Rescue Foundation, described the incident in a Facebook post.

It turned out the poor creature had escaped in fear of the storm three days earlier so the 68-year-old woman wanted to punish him.

“…you think I’ll carry him on my back?” she screamed when the man in the video called her to account.

I’m not sorry at all because he shouldn’t have left”

she later added.

When confronted, the dog’s owner did not understand why everyone was making such a “big drama” out of this as she had already done the same with a horse and didn’t realize the dog would get hurt, a volunteer at the Paw in Hand Dog Rescue Foundation told Blikk.

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Just two hours after the incident one of the animal rescue volunteers went to the woman’s residence with the police. Sadly by the time they arrived, the dog had already been buried. It is still unclear, however, whether the animal had been dead at the time or was buried alive. The 68-year-old woman was taken into custody and has been questioned on suspicion of committing animal abuse.

Following the incident, an online petition has been also launched demanding the animal torturer to get the most severe punishment possible.

Killing a dog with an axe for potatoes

A similar animal cruelty investigation is underway in Baranya county. In Dencsháza, a female bartender hired a local, mentally disabled man to kill her dog, Bors reports. The woman paid the man for brutally killing her dog with potatoes, bread, meat and alcohol. The bartender claimed the dog had been aggressive, attacking several people before, and that’s why she wanted to get rid of her.

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The animal was tied in the garden, locked away from the outside world, but when she managed to escape from time to time, she was extremely kind and friendly with everyone, Mónika Nagy, a local animal rights activist, told the paper.

The bartender had already tried to get rid of the dog, as she once put the animal out of her car in distance, but after the warning of the animal protectors, the woman later took her home. Soon after this, the activist group started the search for a new owner.

A woman even volunteered to take the animal in but the bartender refused. Instead, she charged a local man to kill her dog. The mentally disabled man first beat the dog to death with an axe, buried her in the yard then went to the pub for a drink in the bloodied clothes.

The woman’s children were present at the horrific murder, one of the children even helped kill the dog when she escaped after the first chop with the axe. The animal, bleeding on the head because her skull was already broken, tried to hide, but the bartender’s son went after her, grabbed her and put her on a leash to make her unable to escape once again. Then the man killed the dog with the axe.

The animal protectors immediately notified the police, who started investigating the case.

Featured photo illustration via pixabay.com


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