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Brussels Terror Attacks: Two Hungarians Mildly Injured, No Fatal Casualties

Ferenc Sullivan 2016.03.22.

Two Hungarians were mildly injured this morning in the Brussels terror attacks that have so far claimed 26 lives and left 151 people injured, according to information disclosed by Hungary’s ambassador to Belgium.

A Hungarian woman suffered light injuries at the airport and another Hungarian citizen, a man, suffered less severe shrapnel wounds, according to the present state of affairs. Both Hungarians involved in the attacks are well, according to press sources. They are believed to be Hungarian government employees working in Brussels – Hungary’s permanent representation in the Belgian capital is only minutes away from the Maelbeek underground station, the scene of the metro attack.

There remains no information of a possible Hungarian fatal casualty, Zoltán Nagy, the Hungarian Ambassador to Belgium, the ambassador said.

He added that the embassy’s consular department is seeking to provide all necessary information to Hungarians in the city and advised Hungarians currently in Brussels to remain in their hotels even if their accomodation is unpaid.

Immediately after news of the attacks spread to Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán ordered a second-degree terror alert for the entire area of the country, which has seen counter-terror police deployed to Budapest airport and subway stations across the city.

via mandiner.hu and index.hu
photo: index.hu