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Bruce Willis Stars Hungarian Energy Drink’s New Ad

Fanni Kaszás 2018.04.04.

Hungarian-owned energy drink manufacturer Hell Energy advertise their energy drink with the famous American actor, Bruce Willis for a new global campaign running across several countries.

The 63-year old action star of Hollywood blockbusters such as Die Hard, which latest installment was shot in Hungary a couple of years ago, has now became the face of the Hungarian brand. The energy drink advertisement was shot in the United States and the first, half-minute TV spot debuted on Hell’s website and in television yesterday.

Earlier this year, when rumors started to spread about the possible involvement of a Hollywood star in Hell’s new campaign, spokespersons of Hell said:

The Hell Energy company has reached a milestone in the history of its operation that is why we are planning a global campaign. The preparations of the project have been in progress for some time and we are certainly going to inform the public about our activity and the person or people involved in it. We are asking your patience and understanding concerning the matter. Very soon, more details will be announced to the public.

Bruce Willis is the third famous star to advertise a Hungarian brand. Ten years ago, the Portugal footballer Louis Figo became the face of Szentkirályi mineral water, while Norbert Shobert’s ‘Norbi Update’ brand worked with André Agassi tennis player for a short period.

Willis has previously appeared in several other commercials over the decades, for example in the 80s he starred in the first series of Levi’s 501 Blues commercials and later a print ad for Police sunglasses, as well as a TV commercial for VISA credit card.

You can watch the advertisement here.

via 24.hu