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British Tourists Tested Freefalling From Budapest’s Chain Bridge – Video!

Robert Velkey 2016.08.02.

All right, the Liberty Bridge is closed for the summer of 2016 until renovation works are going on at Szent Gellért tér. After the first “bridegnic”, it has become normal that the bridge is occupied almost every night with young people enjoying the sunset, drinking and singing above the Danube. It seems like this was too boring for the British tourists. They decided to get into the centre of attention on a crowded bridge instead, so they chose the Chain Bridge as the location of their daredevil performance…

…and what is the best way to get in the center of the attention on a bridge? This video shows us…

Witnesses have told that the gentlemen seemed quite tipsy when doing the acrobatic show. Nevertheless, they didn’t get hurt and climbed out of the water in the midst of big laughs.