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British Ambassador Informs UK Hungarians About Brexit

Hungary Today 2018.11.30.

In a video posted to the embassy’s Facebook channel, Great Britain’s ambassador to Hungary Iain Lindsay details—in Hungarian—the basic information and to-dos for our compatriots living and working in the British Isles.

Lindsay confirmed that those currently residing in the UK will be able to continue to do so following Brexit. In addition, until the end of the transition period (end-2020), those who wish to work or study can arrive without any major restrictions.

Those currently living in the UK can now apply for Settled Status. The application—which will be digital, simple and cheap—will soon be active and available up until 30 June 2021.

For those arriving during the transition period (30 March 2019- 31 December 2020), the only difference is that they will be required to register at the British Home Office if their planned stay exceeds 3 months. However, those who have already applied for Settled Status will not need to re-register.

Iain Lindsay. Image via László Végh/ Magyar Nemzet.

Lindsay has asked anyone who believes they might be affected to subscribe to the British Home Office for email alerts sharing the latest information and updates.

At last, Lindsay thanked the Hungarian government for welcoming last Sunday’s Brexit deal and for opening two new consulates in Manchester and Edinburgh in a move he claims “further strengthens bilateral relations.”

(for further reading, you can find our exclusive interview with Mr. Lindsay here)

Trócsányi: Continued legal cooperation vital regardless of Brexit

Continuing smooth legal cooperation between Britain and Hungary is highly important, regardless of what direction Brexit takes, Justice Minister László Trócsányi said late on Thursday, state news agency MTI reported. During the day, Trócsányi held talks in London with his counterpart, David Gauke, with Baroness Natalie Evans, Leader of the House of Lords, and with Bob Neill, the head of parliament’s justice select committee, who is also the head of parliament’s UK-Hungary friendship group.

Considering the large Hungarian community living in Britain and strong trade and justice links, the two countries are closely bound to each other, Trócsányi told MTI.

Image via kormany.hu

The mutual recognition of diplomas and professional certificates is just an example of the numerous questions which still need to be addressed in the upcoming period, he said. A political declaration outlining future UK-EU relations approved at last week’s special EU summit specifies certain directives but not the details. Therefore, one important element of the talks was to establish that maintaining the current level of cooperation with London is in Hungary’s best interest. Any setbacks in the area, such as in family or criminal law, should be actively avoided, he added.

Trócsányi confirmed that the Hungarian government has contingency plans in place in case the Brexit agreement were to fall through.

featured image via dailymail.co.uk

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