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British Ambassador Eyes Economic Relations Enhancement With Hungary


Iain Lindsay, Britain’s ambassador to Hungary, told Hungarian public television M1 that the main aim in Hungary-UK ties is to boost bilateral business relations. Ties between Britain and Hungary are strong, but the task ahead is to make relations even stronger in the areas of cooperation within the EU as well as in defence and security, the ambassador said.


British companies employ around 50,000 people in Hungary and there is room for this figure to grow, just as more Hungarian firms could operate in the UK, the ambassador said. Hungary is a good destination for companies that want to make the country their regional headquarters, and the embassy is ready to help them. He noted that Hungary’s defence minister, István Simicskó, during a recent visit to Britain, emphasised that Hungary would like Britain to remain in the EU, partly because the greater security cooperation this affords.

Regarding the EU’s migrant quotas, the diplomat said that given the UK was not a member of the Schengen zone and did not participate in the quota system, it would be difficult to comment on how other countries should approach the issue. However, Britain understands Hungary’s concerns and has always emphasised its belief in the importance of continued EU reforms.

Mr. Lindsay, who apparently takes very seriously to study Hungarian, was appointed UK Ambassador to Budapest in March 2016.

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