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“Bridgenic” – Picnic On The Bridge In the Admirable Sunset

Robert Velkey 2016.06.21.

What would you do if the bridge with the best panorama of the sunset in Budapest were closed for traffic but not for pedestrian and cyclist passing? I guess the same what hundreds of the youth did on Liberty Bridge. A spontaneous picnic happened over the river Danube on the traffic-free bridge.


Liberty Bridge is closed for motoric traffic until the renovations works goes on at the Szent Gellért tér. No passing cars and no passing trams, the only way to go across the bridge is possible by walk and bike. According to that this bridge was a common place to sit out and come together with traffic also, it is not a surprise now the “bridgenicers” occupied it all and enjoyed the picnic without passing the passing trams and pollution of cars.


There was no planning ahead or pre-organized event about the picnic; it was a totally spontaneous action inspired by the warm summer nights of the Hungarian capital and creativity of the young inhabitants.







via: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu

photos: facebook.com/ibikebudapest/photos; Veronika Mag / szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu – facebook.com/mag.veronika.photography

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