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Foreign Minister: Hungary “Fully Opposes” EU Pressure On Britain Over Brexit Talks


Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó (picture right) met British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond (left) on the sidelines of the NATO summit in Warsaw to review the situation resulting from the British referendum on EU membership. In a statement sent to news agency MTI, Szijjártó said the Hungarian government respects the decision of British citizens and fully opposes the pressure exercised by EU institutions on the United Kingdom to announce its intention to exit as soon as possible.

The Hungarian minister told his British colleague that Hungary will represent two key interests at the Brexit talks: to maintain economic ties between the United Kingdom and the European Union as close as possible and to protect the employment rights and interests of Hungarians working in Britain. Hungary believes that the lesson from the British referendum is clear: the European Union needs fundamental and profound changes, and it has become clear that European policies cannot be conducted against the will of the European people, Szijjártó insisted.

Meanwhile Péter Szijjártó called on NATO to invite Georgia to join the organisation and urged the acceleration of NATO’s enlargement. Attending a foreign ministers’ meeting at the NATO summit in Warsaw, Szijjártó said slowing down Georgia’s integration would be a “strategic mistake”. “NATO faces serious challenges and in such a situation it is especially true that the more members we have the stronger we are”, he said. Szijjártó warned that if no progress is made in Georgia’s accession, “this will impact the credibility of both NATO and the Georgian government, which is committed to Euro-Atlantic integration”. At the meeting, Szijjártó expressed Hungary’s support for Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

via and MTI