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Breitbart: Family State Secy Novák on Orbán Govt’s Pro-Life, Anti-Globalist Stance

Hungary Today 2019.09.27.

In an exclusive two-part interview with alt-right site Breitbart, ruling Fidesz deputy leader and state secretary for family and youth affairs in the Orbán government Katalin Novák, talked about the deceptive nature of the pro-choice movement, calling them “pro-killing,” the achievements of Hungarian family policies, and the Orbán government’s anti-globalist stance.

Talking about abortion, Novák points out that the pro-abortion movement is engaged in a war of language as they call themselves pro-choice but it is not really true.

“If you already have a child in you, then what you do then is not a choice. That is not a moment for choice. The choice is before. Pro-abortion is pro-killing; it is against choice,”

Novák says.

The state secretary mentions the Hungarian constitution as an example as it states that life begins at conception and the life of the fetus must be protected. The minister underlines that while abortion is legal in Hungary under certain conditions, “the number of abortions in Hungary has dropped by 30% over the last few years and is at its lowest ever.”

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Talking about the government’s family policies, Novák states that although it wasn’t the government’s aim, with its pro-family policies that try to provide a better life for Hungarians, “Hungary has become a model for many countries.” Hungary also invests almost five percent of its GDP in family support. “This is the highest not only in Europe but in the world.” she adds.

Novák later mentions that in Hungary, the most prominent state officials have several children. “Our president has four children, our prime minister has five, our ambassador to the Vatican has six children. I, myself, have three.” Novák says.

I wouldn’t say that those without children cannot govern well but having children is a sort of guarantee that you will understand certain things,”

she outlines.

In the second part of the interview, Katalin Novák talks about those supporting globalism choosing “the wrong path.” The politician mentions Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent statement about Canada to become the world’s first post-national state as an example.

„What is a post-national state? What does that even mean?”

Novák asks.

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Regarding the relations with the EU, Novák says it’s hard for her to understand the “harsh attitudes” many member countries of the European Union harbor toward Hungary. Trying to explain the antipathy, Novák said that for some, Hungary may stand as a “tacit rebuke” to their own failures, demographic or otherwise.

According to Novák, however, Hungary is not alone in Europe in standing for the importance of national sovereignty, mentioning Italian parties like Lega, Forza Italia, Fratelli d’Italia, Poland, and the Visegrád group as their main allies.

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Talking about gender equality she says that men and women want to be equal but not the same.

The beauty of a relationship between a man and a woman is that we are different, and I think that goes for nations as well,”

she emphasizes.

The Hungarian minister also considers Ursula Von der Leyen’s election as the president of the European Commission a great success. “She is also the mother of seven children and this is not insignificant. If somebody has seven children, she has my respect and appreciation,” she adds.

Featured photo by Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI

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