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BREAKING SCORES: Katinka Hosszú Sets New World Record As She Bags Gold On 400 Medley In Rio

Robert Velkey 2016.08.08.

Hungary’s Katinka Hosszú set a new world record and won the gold medal in the women’s 400-meter individual medley final on Saturday in Rio. The Iron Lady,  as she brands herself, headed the competition from the beginning and after the first 100 meters she had one body length’s advantage over the other competitors. She set a new world record with her amazing time of 4:26 minutes.


“I have not yet come to terms with it, it’s incredible, I felt like I was in a swimming exercise. I had my trainings every day on the 4th  swim ane since we are here in Rio. I felt totally free in the competition. It was perfect, with good results and my family is also here with me, this is the best day of my life”, she told the Hungarian state-operated sports channel M4.

Katinka Hosszú shocked the world within the qualifying heats also as she was close to set new record in that heats. The Iron Lady has already won the gold medal in the last two world competitions, but she said she would like to reach the world record of the women’s 400-meter individual medley. This time she did it, in less than four and a half minutes.

The results of the women’s 400 individual:

  1. Katinka Hosszú (Hungary) 4:26.36
  2. Maya Dirado (USA) 4:31.15
  3. Mirea Belmonte (Spain) 4:32.39

If you missed the amazing competition, here you can watch the swim of the new world record-setter Katinka Hosszú:

In the competition of the women’s 400 meter individual medley last time Kriszitna Egerszegi won the gold medal for Hungary in the Olympic Games of Barcelona in 1992.

Thank you, Katinka Hosszú!

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