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Breaking: New Rubik’s Cube World Record Set

Hungary Today 2017.10.30.

A 23-year-old South Korean has set a new record for solving the Rubik’s cube.

Last year it was 4.73 seconds. Last month it was 4.69 seconds. But as of this week, the newest king of the Rubik’s Cube world, SeungBeom Cho, twiddled his fingers to the fastest ever recorded solve in just 4.59 seconds.

The half-filled room moves around Cho as he solves the cube. But once he completes the puzzle and the time is read aloud, the mood changes almost instantly. Competitors rush to congratulate Cho – who seems overcome with his new world record.

There’s a reason why everyone was so surprised at Cho’s world record – the South Korean did it in his first round of the day. All of his other scores for the competition didn’t get below seven seconds.

 Cho was the only South Korean at the Chicago ChicaGhost 2017 Rubik’s Cube event.

According to the World Cube Association’s website, the 23-year-old’s previous personal best was 6.54 seconds. He has won 21 gold medals for his efforts, as well as 21 silver medals and five bronze medals.

The surprise world record puts legendary Australian Rubik’s Cuber Feliks Zemdegs at third globally for the classic event, with his time of 4.73 recorder at the POPS Open in Melbourne last year.

You can watch the surprising moment of his victory below:

via: huffingtonpost.com.au; worldcubeassociation.org

photos: itsslitbro.com; qz.com

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