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Body Exhibition Back in Budapest This February

Fanni Kaszás 2020.02.04.

The highly popular Bodies exhibition returns to Hungary on February 26th with the “BODIES 2.0 – The Universe Inside Us,” which is designed to showcase in detail the structure, the various roles, and the stunning magnificence of the uniqueness and work of the human body.


The exhibition will open at the Bálna Budapest exhibition space and will allow visitors to see a detailed view of the human body, deep under the skin from head to toe: the skeletal system, reproductive organs, respiratory organs, circulatory system, and numerous other parts of the human body. The exhibition comes back to Budapest after 2008 and 2018, in an area of about 1500m2. The exhibition’s name is 2.0, because new, unique bodies will also be showcased that have never been seen before in Hungary.

Controversial Body Exhibition to Open in Budapest in February

Visitors can see 200 preserved bodies and organs, muscles and body parts in the exhibition space, preserved through a process called ‘plastination,’ in which skin and fat are removed before the bodies are dissected, posed, injected with silicone, and then hardened and color-coded. They show the human body in different poses and performing actions such as sports activities.

In every gallery, medical students will guide visitors through the world of the human body, answer visitors’ questions, and help them understand the functions of organs. Free multilingual audio guide applications will also be available on-site to help.

photos and featured photos from the previous (2018) event: