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Bocuse d'Or: Hungarian Team Wins Award For Best Poster And Promotion

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.01.29.

Based on votes cast by the audience, the Hungarian team won the award for the best poster and the best promotion at the Bocuse d’Or world chef championship, held in Lyon, France, it was announced at the event’s awards ceremony on Tuesday evening. This year’s championhip was won by the Norwegian team lead by chef Orjan Johannessen, followed by the US and Sweden. Hungary finished in 13th place.
The Lyon finals saw the best chefs of American, European and Asian continental finals from a total of 24 countries put their skills to test. Hungary was represented by Munich-based Hungarian chef, Gábor Molnár who prepared trout and guinea fowl, the two basic ingredients of the 2015 championship. His team set to work at 10:30 am on Wednesday.
Hungary won the award for the “Best Poster and Best Promotion, the same award won two years ago by fellow Hungarian Tamás Széll. On the whole, the team headed by Mr. Molnár’s team finished in thirteenth position.
Finland won the special award for the best meat dish and also the prize for the best assistant, Antti Lukkari. The special award for the best fish dish went to Japan.
via hvg.hu
photo: Flickr/Árpád Bakcsy