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Blowing Back The Speeders? – The New Tools In Traffic Control Are Hair-Dryers Instead Of Speedcams

Robert Velkey 2017.03.07.

Délmagyar.hu performed an experiment on road no. 47 in Hungary. They asked a citizen from Székkutas to dress in a fluorescent jacket and stand next to the road with a hair-dryer in his hand. Albert Kis ,who pretended to be a traffic controlling policeman experienced the strength of the hair-dryer and the mimicry. The journal reported the “fake speed camera test” worked well and most of the cars slowed down.

Although the weird method worked well in Hungary, it was not a Hungarian invention. The idea comes from Scotland, where villagers dressed in fluorescent jackets and pointed hairdryers at cars to mimic police using speed cameras in a bid to deter fast drivers in Moray.

Székkutas is a little village in south-eastern Hungary, where the number of traffic accidents caused by speeding is very high. On average one person dies each year because the drivers do not observe speed limit as they drive though the village.

via: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu; delmagyar.hu; bbc.com

photos: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu