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Best Hungarian Press Photos of 2017 Announced – Gallery!

Fanni Kaszás 2018.01.30.

Winners of the 36th Hungarian Press Photo Awards, the best press photos of the previous year, were announced in Budapest and will be on display at the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center during the Budapest Spring Festival.

The Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition has been a celebration of Hungarian press photographers and photography for over three decades, and a part of the Budapest Spring Festival for many years. The exhibition selects from the 2263 entries submitted to the competition, which was organized by the National Association of Hungarian Journalists (MÚOSZ).

Most of the contestants are Hungarian photographers, but as in previous years, the competition was open to all. The works on view are award-winning individual photos (news items) and series (reportage), made in 2017 and submitted in a total of fourteen categories. The award ceremony will be held on 29 March, while the exhibition at the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center opens during the Budapest Spring Festival (30 March-22 April 2018).

The international jury of the competition said it evaluated 6259 pictures from 234 photographers before naming the Grand Prize winners as well as the best three photos in each of the fourteen categories.

You can view some of the winners below:

MÚOSZ Grand Prize

Simon Móricz-Sabján: Borsos family (Borsosék) 

photo: Simon Móricz-Sabján

photo: Simon Móricz-Sabján

André Kertész Grand Prize

Márton Mónus: Night of the [homeless] crisis car (A krízisautó éjszakája)

photo: Márton Mónus

Escher Károly Prize

Eszter Asszonyi: Commemoration (Megemlékezés)

photo: Eszter Asszonyi

Photojournalism (series)

Árpád Kurucz: Catalan independence (Katalán függetlenedés)

photo: Árpád Kurucz

Everyday life (individual)

István Kerekes M.: Rest (Pihenő)

photo: István Kerekes M.

Portrait (series)

László Végh: Ottó 

photo: László Végh

Art (series)

János Bődey:  Pensioner talent show 2017 (Nyugdíjas Ki mit tud 2017)

photo: János Bődey

Sport (series)

András Hajdú D.: I took them to the first game in a potato truck (Egy krumpliszállító furgonban vittem őket az első meccsre)

photo: András Hajdú D.

Documentary (individual)

László Balassa: Silence (Csend)

photo: László Balassa

Documentary (series)

Ádám Urbán: Aszód Reformatory (Az Aszódi Javítóintézet)

photo: Ádám Urbán

You can see the full list of the winners and their pictures here and you can view last year’s award-winning press photos here.

via btf.hu, szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu

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