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Best Ever Visualization About River Basins Of USA Made By A Hungarian Geographer

By Robert Velkey // 2016.11.08.

A new, unforgettable image is revealing how water flows through every river basin in the United States. The new map was created by geographer Robert Szűcs, who goes by the username Fejetlenfej on the image curation site Imgur. Mr. Szűcs created the map using open-source mapping software and publicly available data. He is also selling the images on his Etsy site.


High resolution map of all the permanent and temporary streams and rivers of the contiguous 48 states in beautiful rainbow colours, divided into catchment areas. The new image shows the flow of different river systems in different colors. For instance, the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, which meet up near St. Louis, Missouri, are painted pink, while the Colorado River shows up in vibrant yellow. The Pacific Northwest river basin in the United States is fed by two major rivers — the Columbia and the Snake — both of which originate in Canada. Thicker arterials represent major rivers, while the thinner lines depict minor streams, rivers and tributaries.