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Who Is The Most Beautiful Hungarian Girl? – The Beauty Of Hungary Has Been Chosen

Robert Velkey 2017.06.19.

Everybody knows the saying: “Hungarian girls are the most beautiful all over the world”. Well, let’s see who has been chosen the prettiest in 2017.

Out of numerous participants, 16 charming ladies had been chosen to take part in the competition named “The Beauty of Hungary 2017”. On Sunday, the most beautiful girl of Hungary was chosen. This year, the most beautiful Hungarian girl is Virág Koroknyai who won the title of Miss World Hungary on Sunday afternoon.

Virág has already been on a beauty contest when she was a child. When she was 12 years old she won the title of Miss Europe on the Miss World beauty competition. In 2017 she will be the charming Hungarian lady who will represent the beauties of Hungary on the Miss World Competition in China.

Virág’s first maid of honor became Viktória Viczián, for the second maid the Laura Pető was chosen by the Hungarian jury.

Let us to introduce you the most beautiful lady of Hungary in 2017:


Forgatások utáni pihi és felfrissülés ☺️💆🏼🎥 #xixo #magyarországszépe2017 #missworldhungary

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