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The Bear Arrives To Budapest: Second Székely Festival Held In Millenáris Park, Budapest

Robert Velkey 2016.05.06.

On the 5-8th of May, the Székely Festival,  a gastro-cultural fair, is organized in Budapest for the second time. The aim of the fair is to introduce the values, arts, gastro-life, and culture of Székelyföld, or Szekler Land, a Hungarian-populated historic and ethnographic area in the heart of Transylvania, to the inhabitants of the “mother country” and the capital of Hungary. The highlighted guest this year is Háromszék (Trei Fântăni). Click the picture to watch the arrival of the Transylvanian bear!


As for the festival’s programs, on the first day a conference was held with lectures about the recreational tourism of Székelyföld. Although this conference is directed at businessmen with interests in the area, on the other days you can take a breath of the Transylvanian air brought by the fair brought to Budapest. You can find original kürtőskalács (chimney  cake) bakers, handmade folk clothing vendors, traders of the unique Afinata (Pálinka made of blueberries) traders, etc. in the MillenárisPark on the II. Székely Festival.


The patron of the festival is Mihály Varga, the Minister for National Economy of Hungary.

Have look at the slideshow about first Székely Festival that took place last year!