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Bangladeshi Siamese Twin Undergoes Reconstruction Surgery

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.09.13.

One of the Siamese twins recently separated by Hungarian doctors in a Dhaka hospital has undergone skull reconstruction surgery, the foundation managing the operations told MTI on Friday, adding that the other twin sister was convalescing from serious complications following the separation surgery.

Gergely Pataki, András Csókay, and Marcell Csapody, doctors of the Action For Defenceless People Foundation, are back in Dhaka to perform reconstruction operations and rehabilitation of the two girls.

Rabya underwent a five-hour skull reconstruction operation and cosmetic surgery on Sept. 11, the foundation said. Her sister Rukya, however, suffered brain bleeding 33 days after the separation operation and was in a serious condition, though she is now conscious and can move her limbs, the statement added.

The 3-year-old twins were separated on Aug. 2.

Featured photo illustration by Sanjida Kamal/Cselekvés a Kiszolgáltatottakért Alapítvány/Action For Defenceless People Foundation