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Balassi Institute Hosts Summer School On International Hungarian Studies – Video!


International Hungarian studies undergraduates have arrived from 25 countries to attend the summer school organised by the Balassi Institute, the institute said. The summer school offers Hungarian language classes combined with lectures on Hungarian history, music, folk and fine arts and gastronomy, the institute added.

The schedule of this year’s programme also includes visits to Budapest landmarks and cultural sites, as well as field trips outside the capital to Szentendre and Lake Balaton, in western Hungary, among others. Students are hosted under scholarships provided by the Balassi Institute.Many students of Hungarian descent living oversees are participating at the programme for the fifth year under a special scholarship designed for them. It aims to strengthen their Hungarian knowledge and identity. The summer university is running until August 21.

The Balassi Institute is a worldwide non-profit cultural organization funded by the Hungarian government. The institute not only spreads and promotes Hungarian language and culture aboard but plays a key role in developing and attaining Hungary’s objectives in the area of cultural diplomacy. It also oversees the operation of Hungarian cultural institutes around the world and organises several language courses and is responsible for disbursing scholarships. The institute is named after Hungarian Renaissance lyric poet Bálint Balassi.

via and photo: portrait of Bálint Balassi (wikimedia)