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Hundreds of Flags in Support of Childbirth Placed on Public Buildings Around the Country

Sára Kata 2020.09.16.

The initiative by the ‘Three Princes, Three Princesses Foundation’ has been massively successful. It was announced on the 23rd of August and the list of participating cities continues to grow.

The aim of the flag is to celebrate childbirth, with a pink or blue base and a white stork in the middle. This hopes to start a new tradition, to celebrate the prosperous future and to show the family-friendly approach of the participating governments. The newest flag has been installed at the head of the Prime Minister’s Office Gergely Gulyás’ office building.

‘It’s worth concentrating on the future and celebrating children! It’s crucially important for the country and for our own happiness, that they are born.’ – said Fruzsina Skrabski at the start of the activity, who is the head of the ‘Three Princes, Three Princesses Foundation.’

The foundation is a widely recognized organization in support of families in Hungary, established in 2009. The aim is to support young adults in accomplishing their dreams of having children, just like fairy tales’ heroes, who are often third-born princes or princesses and who always achieve their goals.

Budapest Mayor Karácsony Displays Flag in Support of Raising Families
Budapest Mayor Karácsony Displays Flag in Support of Raising Families

New flags have been introduced and displayed by many councils all around Hungary in support of families  and childbirth. Recently, the Budapest mayor also joined in the initiative and displayed the flag. Two new flags were introduced after the idea of the Three Princes, Three Princesses Movement. The main aim of these symbols is that […]Continue reading

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