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Autumn In Budapest – Put On Your Shoes And Discover Some Cool Parks And Places Of The City

Robert Velkey 2016.09.27.

Although it’s getting chilly out there but if the sun is rising it is still a perfect weather to walk-around in the afternoon. Not to mention the amazing colors of the falling leaves at Autumn. Don’t worry, you don’t have to travel for the other part of the country if you would like to take a rest end enjoy a scenic view in the colorful Autumn sunset, or just take a brief walk somewhere in the city. We collected some of the not-too-hyped parks and places of the Hungarian capital. Grab your jacket and enjoy the last days to be outdoor, because the “winter is coming”.

Exactly in the downtown – Nehru Part


If you live in the center, or you look for a place on your way back home to take a little rest don’t hesitate to visit the Nehru Part. At the banks of the Danube between the Petőfi Bridge and the Bálna Terasz you can enjoy one of the pest panoramas of the Castle of Buda and the Gellért Mountain in the sunset. You can use sport facilities also if you are looking for something harder than a simply walk.

Almost 3 km long walkway beside the Danube – Római Part


On the other side of the River a little bit far from the heart of Budapest you can find an amazing place with restaurants, bars and a walkway. The walkway called Római part beside the Danube can be found at Rómaifürdő district. Don’t worry, you can reach it easily with the H5 suburban railway line (HÉV).

Budapest, 2012. május 9. A Fellini Római Kultúrbisztró a Duna partján, a Római-parton. MTI Fotó: Máthé Zoltán

Mountains of Buda – Kissvábhegy


If you prefer the mountains but you are bored with the Gellért mountain and the mass of its visitors, you have to explore the hills of Buda. Although the Pest side of the city is on the plain but the hills of Buda have something in store for you. Not far from the downtown at the nature reserve and park of the Kissvábhegy. Enjoy the lookout and the panorama of the city, recognize the buildings and take a walk in the park.

Stay in the downtown – Pozsonyi út

Do you like the fusion of the city? You can enjoy it at the Pozsonyi út, not far from the Jászai Mari tér. Along the street you can find restaurants, bars, shops and groceries. It is a perfect place to drink a café or a tea and enjoy the chilly-windy autumn in the town.

Parks in the center – Károlyi kert


If you are bored with the Városliget or it is too far for you, you can take a brief rest in the Károlyi kert. The garden is literally in the downtown as you can find it between the Astoria and the Kecskeméti street.


Have look at Budapest from above – Hármashatárhegy


If you are looking for a bigger adventure but still don’t want to leave the city, head to the Hármashatárhegy. For sure it is the place where from you can have a look at the “bigger picture” of the Hungarian capital. At the mountain a brand new lookout tower waits for the visitors day and night. It is a good idea to grab a bike and climb the mountain with the bikes…it will be amazing on the way back home.


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