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Authority? – Zsolt Bayer On Whether The US Really Does Have Moral High Ground

Hungary Today 2014.12.15.

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Will the United States lose its moral authority?

This is the question that glows on the screen showing CNN’s programme. And during the questions, guests keep arriving to the studio. The ex-boss of the CIA arrives and talks pathetic fooleries. In the meanwhile, a Democratic senator declares that the CIA is lying. We are informed that the CIA did what it did in the knowledge of Congress, the President, and both Republican and Democratic representatives. Later another caption tells s that the CIA supplied Cogress with “inacurate” information.

Meanwhile, an analyst says with a passionless face that what they did was legal.

A Catholic priest takes to saying that such acts are “always wrong”.
But what did they do?

For several years, the United States kept people imprisoned at secret bases and subjected them to interrogation by torture.

Let us just get a taste of these words: interrogation by torture. Indeed, it is the picture of the inquisition and the “dark ages” – which never existed in the form it was taught for decades – that emerges. As inquisitors, steadily convinced of their moral superiority, subject their victims to interrogation by torture to confess to their crimes. This is exactly what the United States did. It also found inquisitors. According to the report, it employed “people” for this “job” who had already been convicted for some violent crime. As such, the report suggests that around one-fourth of those tortured were completely innocent.

A map appears on the CNN programme. On it, we see the locations of secret camps. These operated in Syria (get it, Syria, which is now an enemy state, the empire of evil with a government that has to be overthrown!), in Libya (of course, Qaddafi also got tons of money from them before it was revealed that he had befriended the devil), in Egypt (soon, we might just get to know why the “Arab Spring”, bringing on a terrible amount of fatalities, suffering and chaos, had to be ignited), and in Holland and in the inauspicious Poland, which again has its trust in the nothing. (Kwasniewski is, of course, explaining himself, claiming that he knew of a secret base but not of torture, which he would not have authorised. This we keenly accept.)

And what did these animals exactly do, to the greatest honour of their “democracy”?

They fondly applied the “waterboarding” technique, which sees the victim’s face covered with some sort of material – a towel will do – and then continuously pour water over it, while the damned wretch suffocates and lives though his own death.

Others were chained naked to the floor of their cells. One of the unfortunates died of hypothermia. Others, being Arabs, had Arab foods such as hummus pumped into their rectum. (This is what the ex-CIA boss commented on when he said they had to be fed artificially because they didn’t want to eat…)

Others again were tortured by being denied sleep; one person in particular was not allowed to sleep for 180 hours. But methods of tortute included electricity, beating, and of course mental torture was also applied without reservations. Some had diapers put on them and were denied going to the toilet. Others were humiliated sexually – as the report does not go into details, we can only imagine what this meant. Others again were threatened with the rape of their mother or daughter.

In the twenty-first century, the CIA of the United States did exactly what the Gestapo or the NKVD did in their time. The United states is using the lowest Nazi and communist methods while loudly preaching democracy and the system of “checks and balances” in the showcase and lecturing everyone in the world with their meaning.

A known and well-respected senator of the United States calls Orbán a fascist dictator while people are being waterboarded with his knowledge behind his arse. You’re a son of a bitch, Mr. Senator…

But what can we expect from a rogue state which was concieved in a crime just like this? What do we expect from a country that began its history by exterminating an entire people and an entire species of animal? We shall never forget General Sheridan’s order: Do you want to exterminate the Indians? Exterminate the buffalo and then they will starve to death.

This is the United States. And from here, a path as straight as an arrow leads to waterboarding. And everything else.

And can the United States lose its moral authority? No, because it never had such a thing.

Zsolt Bayer (Budapest, 1963) is a writer, journalist and columnist with a regular opinion column in the right-wing daily Magyar Hírlap.


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