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Austria Cuts Motorway And Rail Connection With Hungary After 8000 Migrants Piled Up On State Border Yesterday

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.09.11.

On Friday morning, Austria closed the border crossing point connecting Nickelsdorf on the Austrian side with Hegyeshalom on the Hungarian side in both directions. According to the Austrian motorway maintenance company, the closure, implemented for an indefinite period, has taken place for security reasons, due to large masses of refugees heading towards the West from Hungary.

There is no short alternative route because the B10 road, also leading towards Vienna, has already been closed by Austrian authorities. ASFINAG, the state-owned company supervising motorways in the country, has requested to beware of pedestrians walking on roadsides in border areas.

Austrian authorities decided to close the border after around 8000 migrants piled up at the Austrian side of the border crossing, from where they were continuously transported towards Vienna by train and bus. Between midnight and 6 am today, 3670 people arrived to Nickelsdorf, figures disclosed by Austrian police reveal. At 6 am, 2600 people were accumulated at the border crossing point, with those unable to proceed being housed in the area, such as tents put up at the Nova Rock music festival.

In reaction to the immigration crisis, ÖBB, the Austrian rail carrier, had already halted cross-border train traffic from Hungary on Thursday.

via index.hu and mandiner.hu
photo: Helmut Fohringer/index.hu