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Attila Mesterházy (MSZP) resigned from his party president and floor leader posts

admin 2014.06.03.

After its defeat on the EP elections on 25 May, the presidency of MSZP (Hungarian Socialist Party) offered its resignation to the committee of the party.

In his announcement after the results, Attila Mesterházy, president of MSZP, congratulated Fidesz, which won the election, and also those parties that could delegate a representative to the European Parliament.

While on 28 May Mesterházy announced that he did not decide whether he would run for the post of president, however on 29 May he indicated it in a morning press release in Budapest that he resigned from his MSZP party president and floor leader posts and did not intend to run at the next election for the posts, thus he did not intend to run again for the post of president of the Socialist party. “I have made this decision aware of my responsibility for MSZP, this makes it possible that the national committee of MSZP can decide this Saturday, taking into account the considerations of the local government elections, in accordance with the statutes of the party”, declared Attila Mesterházy.

Photo: Móricz-Sabján Simon, Népszabadság