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New UK Ambassador To Hungary Recites Hungarian Poetry – Video!

Robert Velkey 2016.04.15.

The United Kingdom’s new ambassador to Hungary, Iain Lindsay, has started to learn Hungarian, he said after his inauguration. On the 31th of March, he greeted Hungarians in his introductory video including a Hungarian-speaking part. Let us introduce you the Ambassador to you personally:

It looks like Iain Lindsay was serious about the Hungarian courses. This time, he recites a poem of the great Hungarian poet, Attila József. It is a very relevant and heartwarming gesture for Hungarians because on the 11th of April was the birthday of the poet, marked by National’s Poetry Day. What’s more, the Ambassador’s poem of choice, Tavasz van! Gyöngyörű! also perfectly suits the season, as its title translates into “It’s Spring! Beautiful!”.

via: index.hu
photo: index.hu