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Arts and Crafts Exhibition in Szentendre


An exhibition titled New Craft 2014 will open in Szentendre on August 28, showcasing the best student thesis works of the Budapest College of Communication and Business (BKF). The exhibition will be in Szentendre’s Péter Pál Gallery, while on Tuesday, August 30, the Virtual Wardrobe will also open.

The exhibition will feature all the main four specialties of the college, painted and printed textiles, ceramics, clothing and accessory design, and textile crafts. Students will present their work, which aimed to find new inspirations, forms and methods, reinterpreting arts and craft with a touch contemporary approaches. The unique meeting of digital and traditional techniques will present a fresh symbiosis of past, present and future.

The exhibition will feature a Virtual Wardrobe, opening on August 30, 21:00. The Virtual Wardrobe is a playful opportunity to experiment with style, shape and form, where anyone can try the latest design ideas and concepts of BKF students. The Virtual Wardrobe is a great way to learn about new and exciting clothing, how patterns, colors, perspective and shapes work to formulate a design!

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