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The Art Of The Kitchen: “Cuisine Theater” Debuts In Óbuda

By Robert Velkey // 2016.03.24.

The duo of master chef Péter Buday and well-known Hungarian comedian György Nádas have premiered a new way of cooking. The “Cuisine Theater” is a new-age cooking show, presented for the first time in Hungary. In the show, tasty dishes and the full stomach meets in a good-humored pot. We respect the foods and we are serious about cooking but we think if we spice the meals up with joy and humor it can be more palatable, said the comedian. The idea of the gastro-cultural experiment comes from the friendship of the two performers. Gyuri also likes to cook and Péter likes the good-humored company, so they mix what they have and let us see what will they cook for us.

The show debuted in Óbuda at the Esernyős Community and Program Center on the 24th of March. Thanks for the sunny spring of 2016, they set up the kitchen outdoor at Fő tér, the main square of the district. In the one-hour performance, the couple made about 11 various meals… don’t ask me how. Visitors could taste pumpkin dish, fried liver, salad with cottage, and the main dish also, the rooster stew. In the show they teach good practices what we can use at home, for example how to get out the sour cream from the bowl without any tailing. Did you know the apple seeds protect the vascular and good for our heart against heart attack? The point to show fast and easy ways to make traditional and healthy Hungarian dishes.


After the debut the Cuisine-Theater is embarking upon a roadshow in Hungary. They are going to travel around in the countryside and perform on other programs also. As manager Zsófia Lakatos said, they are hoping to tour neighbouring countries in the future.


Although the dishes were incredible tasty and amazing how fast could they made them the spice of the show, the humour could have been more “in the meal”. Sometimes the chef became the comedian also and the comedian was a pressure-cooker all the time too. Anyway, the serving needs a bit more spice but the enquirers liked very well the dishes what the couple cooked.