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The Art Of Football, And Other Kind Of Talents

Robert Velkey 2017.05.29.

Danko Lazovic is a Serbian striker with Hungarian football team Videoton. On the 27th of May, they played in the final of the Hungarian Championship against Honvéd. During the match, Danko showed us that he has got other kind of talent, in addition to those of a usual football-player.

Here you can see his “acting”…a starring role in faking injuries. First, he fell, but during the rolling to death on the field he jumped a little and then he was almost dying as an epileptic. After a while he changed his “injuries”, or his mind, and played through the game.

What do you think what is Danko’s “other kind of talent”?

What is Danko’s “other kind of talent”?

rolling on the field0%
scoring goals0%
unexpected falling0%

In the end, the Videoton lost the match and the Championship.

via: 444.hu

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