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Art Exhibition “Turning Points” to Open in Nat. Gallery

admin 2014.11.12.

“Turning Points” is an exhibition presenting the history of the 20th century is with the help of 26 artists from 16 countries. The exhibition is set to open at the Hungarian National gallery, and has been initiated by European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC), to commemorate historical events such as the breakout of the two world wars, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain and the Central European countries’ accession to the European Union, curator Zsolt Petrányi said on Tuesday.

Jutta Gehrig, the rotating president of EUNIC, said there had been an inner need for reflecting on turning points of history  everywhere by European nations, even if with different overtones. Exhibiting artists include Motoyuki Shitamichi of Japan, Shy Abady of Israel, Transylvanian Hungarian Zsolt Bodoni, the Slovenian Laibach group and Italy’s Paolo Ventura. The exhibition will open its doors to visitors this Friday.

via HungaryMatters, photo by Andrew Bossi