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The Art Of Billboards – Annual Exhibition Of Posters At @®© Near By The Heroes’ Square

Robert Velkey 2016.09.21.

The @®© (ARC) was founded in 1999 with the aim of refreshing the national promotion culture in terms of public billboards. The first billboard contest and exhibition was organized in 2000 by @®©. Since then Ötvenhatosok Square has been populated with the works of individual artists every year for three entire weeks.

At the moment the @®© exhibition is taking place in Budapest at its regular place not far from the Heroes’ Square. The task was to create a poster for the topic “Hol jár az eszed?” what means “What are you thinking about” which turned out to deliver some very-very good results. Some funny as hell, some really serious but all of them super creative. The exhibition will run till the 25th of September and who cannot watch it due to the distance you can watch some of the best billboards of @®©, here.


One of the best ones. It is up to you how do you solve the riddle; Szép az élet or Szar az élet. (Szép az élet means: Life is nice, Szar az élet means: Life is crap)

Ki érti ezt?! ? #arckiallitas #Budapest

Nelli Ujhelyi (@ujhelyen) által közzétett fénykép,

It is a nice essence about underatning too.


The Breakfast of Champions?



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Without anyone the text is: I don’t support same-sex marriages

…If you walk on the stairs the text is: I support same-sex marriages.


(a)Tom and Jerry