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Áron Szilágyi Defends Olympic Fencing Title And Bags The 5th Gold Medal For Hungary

Robert Velkey 2016.08.11.

Áron Szilágyi was the champion of fencing at the Olyimpic Games in London 2012. After four years he defended his Olympic fencing title on Wednesday to deny Daryl Homer what would have been America’s first men’s fencing gold in over 100 years. However, Áron’s gold was the fifth one for Hungary in Rio.


This final against the American fencer was one of the easiest battle for the Hungarian fencing-master. Although the 26-years-old Daryl Homer participated in the Olympic Games of London but that times he was not an outstanding rival. His most significant success was the silver medal on the world championship in Moscow last year.


In spite of this Áron Szilágyi is the master of sword-play by his performances and achievements. He stepped to the highlighted fencing-field of the final as a European Champion and a former Olympic Champion. Although it was difficult to get to the final against the Romanian Tiberiu Dolniceanu (15-10) and the Korean Kim Dzsung-Hvan (15-12) but in the final he was the absolute leader of the match until the last touché. The Hungarian eminent of fencing won the 5th Hungarian gold medal with the results of 15-8.

Thank you Áron and congratulations!

via: index.hu ; 444.hu; indianexpress.com

photos: index.hu; 444.hu