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Arab Business Club’s Magazine Dedicates Entire Edition To Hungary


The Arab Business Club, a private investment promotion organisation based in Dubai, is dedicating the June issue of its monthly magazine to Hungary, chairman Hamdan Mohamed Al Murshidi said at a press conference in Budapest.

The issue offers a look at the Hungarian economy, including the farm, food and tourism sectors, and it covers trade and diplomatic ties between Hungary and the Arab countries. The glossy magazine is read by many Arab business leaders. The magazine will feature Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on its cover.

Mr. Al Murshidi explained that the organisation sees several business opportunities in Hungary, but support from the country’s government and business community is necessary to exploit this potential. He pointed out that the Arab Business Club has established a permanent representation in Hungary, which is a clear signal that the organisation is committed to investing in Hungary and trading with Hungarian companies.

The chairman said the Arab Business Club has also launched an Arab-language website that aims to raise Hungary’s profile as a tourism destination and investment target, stressing that the Arab Business Club is ready to proide advice and other forms of assistance to Hungarian state and private enterprises to conclude business deals with partners based in the Gulf states.

During an earlier visit to Budapest, the chairman said that pet food and fresh vegetables could be among the products Hungary can export to Gulf states and pointed out that Arab businessmen are interested  in investing in Hungarian real estate.

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