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April Storms Caused $1.8 Million USD in Damage in Hungary’s Bükk and Zemplén Mountains

Tom Szigeti 2017.05.22.

According to wire service MTI, last month’s huge snow storm caused approximately $1.8 million (500 million forint) in damage to national forests in Eastern Hungary.

Répáshuta, 2017. április 24. Erdészek dolgoznak a néhány nappal ezelõtti viharban és hóesésben útra dõlt fák eltakarításán Répáshuta közelében 2017. április 24-én. MTI Fotó: Vajda János

Foresters clearing trees in the Bükk Mountains on April 24th, a few days after snow storms hit Hungary (Photo: MTI- János Vajda)

Speaking to MTI, Adorján Zay, head of the company that oversees the forests of the Bükk and Zemplén mountain ranges, explained that damage estimates are still underway, but are slowly coming to a close.

Even now, though, the scale of the damage is clear: in total, over 100 cubic meters’ worth of trees were knocked down due to the snow and wind. The vast majority were beech trees (bükk in Hungarian, hence the mountain range’s name), but pine and oak trees were damaged as well.

Zay added that roughly 90% of the damage occurred in the Bükk range, while 10% occurred in the Zemplén mountains.

The estimated $1.8 million of damage includes the value of the wood lost, the cost of clearing out and repairing damaged areas, as well as damage to tourism and forestry facilities.

While main roads were cleared within 4-5 days after the colossal storm, it is estimated that it will take until the end of May for all of the forestry roads in the Bükk to be useable.


Images via MTI

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