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Népszabadság: Antal Rogán to Become Minister, Lajos Kósa Faction Leader


After the local government elections prominent government and Fidesz party figures Antal Rogán and Lajos Kósa will continue as minister and faction leaders respectively, reported Hungarian paper Népszabadság. The new election laws see that no politician can be both members of parliament and mayors of their city. Rogán, currently the mayor of Budapest district 5, is said to receive a ministry, while his Debrecen colleague Lajos Kósa is set to become parliamentary faction leader of Fidesz.

The paper also writes that Office of the Prime Minister, led by János Lázár, will also receive control over the Hungarian Post (Magyar Posta) and the Hungarian Development Bank (Magyar Fejlesztési Bank). With this move the Office of the Prime Minister could become a “state within a state”, writes Népszabadság. While reportedly the position of “deregulation minister”, a post against the continuing expand of bureaucracy, was offered to Kósa, he would probably favor the parliamentary position instead.

According to the sources of Népszabadság the local government elections could take place on 5 October, until then both Rogán and Kósa remain mayors of their representative district and city.

Photo: Antal Rogán, Fidelitas