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Biden’s Chosen Cybersecurity Advisor of Hungarian Jewish Descent

Tamás Vaski 2021.01.14.

Anne Neuberger, a cybersecurity official of Hungarian Jewish descent, will act as deputy national security adviser for cybersecurity on Joe Biden’s National Security Council, reports weekly Magyar Hang.

The council, made up of key professionals in the field, will advise the president not only with domestic, but international affairs.

Neuberger joined the National Security Agency more than a decade ago, and has been director of cybersecurity since 2019.

She is definitely the right person for the job, having been described by other experts in her field as “unusually talented”, and bringing a “unique blend of policy acumen, operational experience, and deep relationships across government, industry and the policy community to this critical role…”

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The appointment shows Biden’s commitment to strengthening the United States’ approach to cyber security, after Trump eliminated the role of cybersecurity coordinator in 2018. The field is definitely relevant now, especially after six US government departments were breached in what was likely a Russian cyberattack.

Anne Neuberger grew up in a Hasidic neighborhood in Brooklyn. Her father, having grown up in Communist-ruled Hungary, influenced her views on balancing privacy and security concerns. Growing up she faced backlash towards her ambitions, and says she didn’t have any role models.

I heard a lot of ‘a frum [observant] woman can’t do this; a frum woman doesn’t do that.’ But I strongly feel that a woman should use the talents Hashem [God] gave her, and that being frum is not a barrier to professional success.”

Thanks Neuberger’s extensive experience, the United States will be much better equipped to effectively handle future security issues.

Featured photo illustration by MTI/AP/Susan Walsh