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Amnesty International Says EU Should Continue to Aid Asylum Seekers, Reports

Gábor Sarnyai 2018.06.07.

Áron Demeter, spokesperson for Amnesty International, talked to M1 (Hungarian State Television) last night, and claimed that 22 million refugee should be moved to Europe in order to prevent these people from choosing dangerous paths of migration such as crossing the Mediterranean Sea.

AI launched the program “I Welcome” in 2016. Since then the organization has been trying to influence the politics of the European Union, and supporting the concept of  migrant quotas, which requires all member states to accept their part in the migrant crisis, and accommodate refugees via a measure created in Brussels.

Mr. Demeter suggests the best practice would be to bring refugees to the recipient countries by offering direct flights from Turkey, and transport the people to Germany, Canada and the USA.

The expert also claims that admission of migrants should be a duty of every European country, even if there are some initial problems integrating them into the society. He also said – referring to terror attacks and sexual assaults – that Europeans also break the rules sometimes, not just asylum seekers.

On Monday, they demonstrated against the Stop Soros Bill in Kossuth Square. Mr. Demeter said that they are right on the basis of international law, and even if the parliament passes the bill, they will not alter their activities.