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Ambulance Service’s New App Becomes Most Downloaded Program in Hungary

Péter Cseresnyés 2020.01.27.

The spokesman of national ambulance service OMSZ thanked everyone in a Facebook video who has downloaded the new Életmentő (Lifesaver) app to their mobile phone.

Pál Győrfi revealed that in only one day, more than 120,000 people downloaded the application, making it the most downloaded free mobile app in Hungary.

However, in addition to thanking everyone, the spokesman also asked every user not to place actual calls when they only try to test the software, as the ambulance service is obliged to respond to every emergency call. Instead, users can test the software by pressing the test button in the upper left corner of the screen.

As we previously reported, the new ÉletMentő app, available for Android and iOS operating systems, makes emergency calls simpler, as it immediately transfers data about the caller to the ambulance service. The user’s health data can be uploaded in the app for later retrieval, and it provides a precise GPS location for the ambulance.

The app can be downloaded for Android users by clicking here, and IOS users by clicking here.