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Ambassador Nominee to Promote US Business Interests, Democratic Values in Hungary

Hungary Today 2018.05.10.

US businessman David B. Cornstein, President Donald Trump’s nominee for ambassador to Hungary, has said that he would work to promote his country’s business interests as well as democratic values on his mission.

At a hearing in the US Senate on Wednesday, Cornstein said his primary focus would be strengthening bilateral ties and promoting such democratic values as the freedoms of expression, media, and religion.

He said he would build close cooperation with the Hungarian government concerning shared security concerns and added that such cooperation would further strengthen communication between law-enforcement and anti-terrorism organisations. Concerning the Hungarian economy, the candidate said that it has performed especially well under Viktor Orban’s premiership.

On another subject, Cornstein said it was important to fight anti-Semitism in Hungary and in the region. He said he would closely cooperate with Jewish organisations and religious communities to ensure security for the Jewish community.


via MTI

image via US Senate on Foreign Relations livestream